Music Management

Leveraging his many years in the music industry, Chino mentors and manages select artists refining their sound and brand before presenting them to labels and publishing houses.


Pop alternative, sexy and she knows it, and not afraid of pushing the envelope. Kayls is uplifting with emotional grit. She hopes to connect with an audience by sharing her genuine perspective on how to celebrate the highs and overcome the lows. Vocally a mix of Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey, and Katy Perry.



Raised on classics from Zappa to The Beatles, Jacob is reinventing the trio of yesteryear fused with modern appointments and musical cues. Hailing from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles, Jacob taught himself production, recording, composition, and a variety of musical instruments – with a focus on the electric guitar. He’s composed for feature films, short films, and commercials, and is fixated on reviving the sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s with a contemporary arc.



WiLd’s music is free, enigmatic, ethereal, connected to the natural and the divine. Wild is a sensory experience released from time and natural order. Pulsating and exploding into vibrant colors and bright starry lights and then retreating back to silence, stillness, nothingness. DJ WiLd’s music can be described as both hypnotic and chill pulsating with breakbeat influences.



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